The Royal Commission has been given the task to inquire into and report on how Victoria’s mental health system can be improved.

So far we have seen community consultations across Victoria,submissions were called for,the Royal Commission has heard from 96 witnesses of which only 29 were consumers &/or victims and round table consultations after the hearings, not open to the public.

Yet despite all this, have the right questions been asked?

Does hearing testimony from only 29 victims give a true picture of the problems of abuse and trauma in psychiatric wards so they can hear first-hand what it is really like and rectify abuse?
Should the Royal Commission hear testimony about conflicts of interest which drive up the use of psychiatric drugs and treatments?

We are being told 1 in every 5 of us will have a mental illness.
How did this come about? What can you do to protect yourself and your family.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights VICTORIA

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6.30 pm Thursday 10th October 2019